Welcome to The Mindful Gardening Club

Learn to grow your own flowers and food and feel fabulous!

You want to grow your own flowers and food whilst improving your wellbeing but you haven’t got time to figure out how to do it. 

So you second guess yourself at every turn, adding to the noise of your already very noisy brain.

You’ve wasted hours that you don’t have trying to work out how to grow things, watching endless YouTube and ‘how to’ videos on Instagram but it’s not getting you any closer to actually getting gardening for your wellbeing and feeling calmer and more confident in your abilities.

What if you had a place you could go to to learn the best techniques to help you find calm through gardening quickly, a place where you could ask questions about things happening in your garden and you’d get friendly expert support, specific to your question, a place that felt warm welcoming and nourishing where other women celebrated your achievements and encouraged you when things didn’t go to plan.

Right now you’re finding your gardening adventures a little lonely and you could do with a boost of confidence to create the mindful haven you are dreaming of.

You want to stop overworking, doing everything for everyone else and make your wellbeing a priority and your dreams of growing your own food and flowers come true.

You’d love something that’s just for you, that will help you make your wellbeing a priority.

If this is you….. 


Once you come join us in the club:

You’ll be gardening in a way that helps you to feel better AND means your garden is healthy and thriving

You’ll feel calm, more connected to yourself, Mother Nature and your gardening gang aka your fellow Mindful Gardening Club (MGC) members.

You’ll have all the skills you need to garden for your wellbeing year after year and have grown loads of fruit, veg, flowers but also grown in confidence.

You’ll feel proud of yourself and like you can do anything.

You’ll stop starting the latest shiny new wellbeing practice and then giving up a month later as you’ll have found something that fits into your busy life, nourishes you and makes you feel like the Queen that you are.

You’ll no longer be thinking or saying ‘I can’t do it’, you’ll be saying, ‘I’ll give it a go.


What to expect inside the club:

Access to my entire Signature Gardening and Floristry for wellbeing course

Created for busy women just like you- this will be delivered in small bitesize monthly content drops throughout the growing season so you can learn one step at a time.


Plan your mindful garden

🗓 Getting to know your garden

🗓 Dream garden visualisation 

🗓 Equipment and tools to save you time. 

🗓 How to improve your soil

🗓 Plant selection 

Sow the seeds of hope

🌱 Seed sowing to benefit your mind

🌱 Bulb planting to find calm

🌱 How to make more plants for free

🌱 Potting on peacefully

🌱 Planting your plants and wellbeing garden design for maximum visual appeal and maximum harvests

Grow your plants and yourself

🌿 How and when to water your plants

🌿 What should you feed your plants and how often

🌿 Different types of weeds and how to remove them mindfully.

Harvest the fruits of your labour

🌾 Seed saving and bulb storage

🌾 Mindful pruning

🌾 Mindful floristry- think bouquets, vase arrangements and flower crowns.

Monthly live Coaching sessions with Kendall 

So you can get all of your gardening and wellbeing questions answered.

One grow along session per season 

So you actually get started in the garden with the support of me and your fellow club members.

I’ve set up the club in this way so that you can watch the monthly content drop at a time that is convenient for you, give it a go either in our seasonal grow along session or in your own time and then bring any questions that come up for you to the live monthly coaching session.


Hello! I'm Kendall Platt, The Mindful Gardening Coach and a busy working mum that has limited time to focus on my wellbeing.

As featured in

I help women who want to get into gardening but struggle to find the time and headspace, to learn the methods and techniques to successfully grow their own food and flowers whilst improving their wellbeing.

I’ve used my garden as a way to practice mindfulness and boost my wellbeing for the last 8 years and now I’m sharing my techniques with you so that you can start making your wellbeing and happiness a priority using mindful gardening.

As a trained horticultural therapist, I know that the techniques you’ll learn as a Mindful Gardening Club member will not only help you to feel calmer as you do them but they’ll help you to grow your confidence in your gardening abilities which will radiate through to the rest of your life and allow you to proudly claim daily mindful gardening time for yourself.

For a long time now I’ve wanted to create a space where we can go to talk about our gardening and life successes but also the messy bits, the bits that don’t go to plan. Without feeling shame or embarrassment that we’re not the perfect gardener (yawn). I’m fed up of the highlight reel on Insta I wanna get real with you and support you to create a growing space that truly makes your heart sing with no judgement or agenda other than to make you feel fucking fabulous.

If this sounds like a bit of you then come and be a founding member of The Mindful Gardening Club. 

You’ll get a special founders rate for the duration of your membership and the chance to help me grow this into a hub of support and celebration for women who want to feel better and more like themselves through gardening.



Where is the community based?

The community is based on Mighty Networks, a simple easy to use community space that even has its own app so you can upload pictures of things you need help with straight from your phone.

How will I access the content?

The monthly content will be posted in our Mighty Networks community at the start of each month and also be sent to you via email.

The Live coaching and grow along sessions will be hosted on Zoom so you can unmute to ask questions if you want to or ask them in the chat.  These sessions will be recorded and added to our community and sent to you via email.

How long are the sessions?

The content drops of my signature course will vary in length but they will be broken down into short bite sized videos so you can focus on one part of the technique at a time.

The live coaching sessions will be 40 minutes long

The grow along sessions will be up to 90 minutes long depending on the technique we are doing in the session.

What time will the live sessions be?

They will be held at 8pm on different days of the week, generally Mondays and Thursdays.

Do I have to attend live?

No, if you prefer you can watch the replays that will be uploaded to the community and sent to you via email.

However to get the maximum benefit from the community element of the club which is so beneficial to your wellbeing I recommend attending live if you can.

Do I get 1-2-1 time with Kendall?

Yes and no. There is no 1-2-1 time with me. Where you do get individual support is in our coaching sessions where you can submit questions in advance or bring them along and I will answer them for you. Yep, that's right for less than the price of 2 packets of seeds a week, you get 1-2-1 support.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can, the monthly cost is £19 for founding members. The annual rate for founding members is £190 (meaning you get 2 months free when you pay for a year).

Monthly payments will be taken on the same date each month.

Annual payments will be taken on the same date each year.

Can I opt out if I realise it isn’t for me?

Yes, there is no minimum contract as a founding member.

How long will my membership last for?

If you choose to pay for a year your membership of the club will last for a year.

If you choose to pay monthly and cancel your payment your membership will last until the end of that month.

Do you offer refunds?

Please be advised that I don’t offer refunds so please read the description carefully and email me on [email protected] to see if this is the right service for you.

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